Certificate / Value Added Courses


S.No Name of the Course
01 Hands-on Training on Analytical Instruments
02 Basic Training on Computer Aided Drug Design using Online Tools
03 Global Drug Regulatory Bodies
04 Quality by Design
05 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Individualisation of Drug Therapy
06 Research- Design, Execution and Publication
07 Clinical Trails and Pharmacovigilance
08 Understanding Mental Health and its Impact


S.No Name of the Course
01 Covid-19 Safety and Prevention Methods
02 Novel Drug Delivery Systems
03 Basic Good Laboratory Practices
04 Pharmacogenomics
05 Polypharmacy and Medication Safety in Geriatrics
06 Green Chemistry
07 Basic Medical Devices in Life Support


S.No Name of the Course
01 Training on Basic Life Support
02 IPR and Patent Filing
03 Diagnostic Tests and their Significance
04 Nutritional Practices in Metabolic Disorders
05 Bioinformatics
06 Dose Adjustment in Diseases
07 First Aid


S.No Name of the Course
01 Good Manufacturing Practices and Audits
02 Mental Health
03 Nutraceuticals
04 Alternative Medicines
05 Pharmaceutical Calculations
06 Biosimilars
07 Workshop on Analytical Instruments and Validation


S.No Name of the Course
01 Biomarkers in Diseases
02 Industrial Hazards and Safety
03 ICH Guidelines
04 Digital Health in Pharmacy
05 Cell Culture Techniques
06 Role of Pharmacist in Health Care